Sisteme de matrici

Sisteme de matrici
Palodent™, Sectional Matrix System, Standard Matrices, Refill 100
The original sectional matrix system. 

• Provides tight contacts and natural contours on Class II restorations 
• Spring steel BiTine Rings gently separate the teeth to create space for contour and contact creation 
• Multiple matrix dimensions and geometries for varied clinical situations 
• BiTine Ring Placement Forceps firmly hold the BiTine Ring during placement
48,50 EUR
237,75 RON

Palodent™, Refill, 4 x BiTine Rings, round
Palodent™, Refill, 4 x BiTine Rings, round 903-371 | Dentsply Sirona - 903-371
Pack: 2x round, 2x oval
44,60 EUR
218,63 RON

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